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#BEjulychallenge – Day 4

Most Proud Moment
With Raven as my daughter, my life is filled with proud moments. So choosing one is rather hard. But one that sticks out in my mind happen many, many years ago when Raven was in preschool.

When we went to pick her up one day towards the end of the school year and her teacher wanted to talk to us. She informed us that Raven had befriended an extremely shy girl at the beginning of the year. This girl was so shy that she didn’t want to participate in any activities and the teachers couldn’t get her to take part in the class. Over the course of the year, the shy girl began to become more active in class projects and began to talk more. The teacher went on to tell us that she credits Raven for helping to bring that girl out of her shell. After the teacher was finished, the parents of this little girl came up to us and thanked Raven for being friends with the shy girl. They talked on and on about how polite, friendly and nice Raven was and that if it wasn’t for her, they don’t think their shy daughter would have been able to finish preschool.

If that wouldn’t make ya proud, I don’t know what would!

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    Teresa Kander
    July 6, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    That is so sweet…..definitely a moment to be proud of!!

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