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So, it’s now Friday morning and I have – so far – resisted the major urge to step on the scale. But despite the pull to check my weight, I feel pretty good. I think my face looks less bloated, or at least it seems that way to me. I have been avoiding snacking when I’m simply bored, which I tend to do a lot, and have increased the amount of exercising I do. Along with a short kickboxing routine, I have been trying to increase my steps to 10,000 a day. Despite those possibly positive aspects, I’m a bit worried about stepping back on the scale Monday morning. What if there is a gain? Then the little bit of positive feelings I have will go straight out the window. So there’s that.

Besides all the weight issues, I’m just trying to prepare for Raven’s last year of high school. Her first day of school is this coming Thursday. She has already gotten her senior vaccinations last week but still no new glasses. No place will take our new insurance that we were forced to get because of Obamacare. However, if nothing else, we will just pay out of pocket for the exam and glasses.

We also have to finish school supply/clothing shopping. We got most of the school clothing shopping done, but I would like for her to get a few more shirts and a new pair of shoes.

What about you? Are you ready for the upcoming school season?

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    August 9, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    Congrats on a great week of exercising/eating good/no weigh-ins! If it makes you nervous to step back on the scale on Monday and you’re feeling so great right now, why weigh-in? I know the urge to weigh-in can be powerful, but if your pants fit, you feel less bloated and you’re ultimately feeling good, the number on the scale shouldn’t matter. I know that’s a lot coming from me because you know me…but you know….

    Damn that freaking Obamacare. I didn’t pick it up this year because the coverage was too expensive for Shawn and I. We’d be paying about $300 a month for the lowest of the low Obamacare plan and between our two salaries, we only come home with about $2,000 a month….it is more affordable for us to pay the first year penalty. I probably should have health insurance now that I’m pregnant, but I’m trying so hard to avoid unnecessary doctor bullshit and go natural with a midwife. (just got an unexpected bill in the mail for lab work for about $500…so I am not a happy camper today…but health insurance is STILL too expensive for me..I’d rather pay the here-and-there lab work fee)

    Walmart vision center is really good with eye exams and cheap but good glasses. Everyone in my family always goes there to get our exams done. Their glasses range from being either cheap or no-cost to being more expensive, so there are options. It might be something for you to look into for Raven.

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    August 10, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Man, that is absolutely crappy that nowhere will take your new insurance. What a hunk of garbage :\ I agree with Kat, Walmart Vision Center is great for cheap exams and such, my mom went there recently for her new pair of glasses 🙂

    Weight issues can really drag you down, that’s for sure. I kind of just let go of my issues about my weight this summer. I was planning on losing a whopping 40 lbs like I did last summer, but that didn’t happen and I ended up gaining back about 10 of the weight that I lost. Oh well. But the issues effect us all differently. I hate stepping on a scale, too! They’re definitely a worst nightmare kind of scenario, me thinks. 

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    August 11, 2014 at 11:41 am

    I too am avoiding the daily weigh-ins, but oh dear god it’s so tempting. I actually stayed OFF the damn scale for two weeks, and was pleasantly surprised yesterday… 5 pounds down, 15 to go. Whee! I think kickboxing is awesome. 🙂 I want to do more walks with the dog, and I need to get a bike! On the snacking front, I can’t physically snack on as much…but when I do snack, I try really hard to go for “filler” stuff that doesn’t have a lot of calories – like carrots, pretzels, and unsalted Saltines (NoSaltines?).

    And no way is your daughter a senior in high school! I’ve been following your blog/social media stuff for several years now…holy crap these kids are growing fast!

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