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I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post. Knowing I’m not the only one experiencing these feelings does help a bit. I also want to thank Kat for all her tips, which I will surely use in the future. This coming Monday I will be stepping, hesitantly of course, back on the scale. To say I won’t be scared/nervous would be a lie. I am actually terrified of the prospect of checking my weight and possibly seeing the number higher then I expected.


Anyway, I have caught the Autumn/Halloween bug. Last year, despite my lifelong love with Halloween, I just couldn’t get in the mood. This year is so much different. I have pinned all things Halloween on Pinterest and want to start decorating and baking everything Autumn and Halloween! Which is a bit odd because I feel less happy this year than last year. Last year around the same time, I felt like my life was under control and everything was looking up. This year, not so much. Things have just spiraled a little out of control, and I’m not confident in the things that I was starting to feel secure in. And the scariest part is that I don’t know if I will be able to get a handle on things. Or even if I really want to. Some days, it just seems so much easier to just let go then to try to fight.

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    August 26, 2014 at 10:09 am

    No problem! Just keep in mind that weight can change and whatever number is on the scale isn’t permanent. You may be pleasantly surprised to see that you lost weight! And even if you did gain a bit, it can be lost. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight lately myself, and it has everything to do with me overeating (not being pregnant). So I’m working on losing a bit of weight and getting down to a better weight at the moment. It’s hard to see the number on the scale go up, especially if you feel like you have no control over it, but it’s just a number and most people don’t even know or see weight gain until it gets into a higher number (like, if you gain 5 or 10 pounds, most people won’t see it).

    As far as autumn and Halloween, I am right there with you! It could be because it’s been a little colder around the country the past few weeks? I have a chair in my kitchen that’s stuffed with bags and boxes of my autumn stuff. Everything’s just kinda sitting there waiting for September 1st for when I start decorating. I don’t care if it’s still technically summer, I’m ready to decorate for fall and Halloween.

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    August 28, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    I love autumn and Halloween. I am looking forward to the weather and to going to haunted house, corn mazes, etc. I just want to tell ghost stories, go exploring and decorate for Halloween. I have not carved a pumpkin in years so I am going to this year.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling so down right now. It’s hard when you feel your life is out of control and your not really sure what to do or how you will handle it. The best advice I can give is don’t give up and roll with the punches, eventually everything will get back on an even keel and things will start looking up again. 

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