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2014 Year in Review (Instagram Pictures)

So, I was sick a week before Christmas and now, a few days after Christmas, I’m sick again. Ugh. Anyway here is my obligatory 2014 in review posts using pictures from my Instagram account.


With all the snow we got, I was able to make many batches of birthday cake snow ice cream. So good!


My husband got me this Firefly ice cube/mold tray.


I made a Benedict Cumberbatch bookmark.


I turned 34 (and celebrated at the Twisted Kilt) and Raven turned 17.


Jedi and Nefarian enjoyed the warm spring weather by sitting/sleeping in the window sill.


Finally got to try Hobnobs (they are delicious) and Jedi wore the bow tie I made for him.


Made catnip tea for Jedi and Nefarian. Found a salamander in the basement and named him Smaug.


Raven got her driver’s license.


Raven went to homecoming and I started my first pepakura build of Casey Jones mask and Shredder’s helmet and shoulder armor.


Went to a Halloween party with my Husband in our finished pepakura costumes (Sexy Shredder and Casey Jones).


Tried Kitty Piddle pop. Pretty good but I manly bought it for the bottle.


Got Guardians of the Galaxy on Blu-Ray and found Richard Castle books.

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    December 31, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    Wow, what the heck is birthday cake snow ice cream?
    Look at the long tail on Smaug!!! So cool. I don’t think I’ve seen a salamander in real life. 

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