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Whole30 – Week Two Down

Tomorrow is the end of week two on the Whole30 diet and, despite the temptations, we’re doing pretty darn good. The hardest part is grocery shopping. We have to check labels because you wouldn’t believe the things that they sneak sugar into. Some of the fresh chicken breasts in the meat department even have sugar added to it. Like what? Why the hell does fresh chicken breasts need sugar? It’s a pain in the ass. Most prepackaged items have unnecessary sugar, corn syrup, dextrose or any of the other 50+ names manufacturers use to hide added sugar. It’s astonishing and more than a bit scary. I mean, if I have a candy bar or a piece of cake, I know I’m consuming an abundance of sugar. But sugar in taco seasoning!? And on that note, I’m looking forward to watching the documentary Fed Up, which is about added sugar in processed foods.

Anyway, because we’re at the halfway mark, I went ahead and weighed myself. And I lost 4 more pounds! That’s a total of 6 pounds in 2 weeks. So, I am pretty happy about that. Two more weeks to go and then we can, if desired, start to reintroduce foods back into our diet. I think, however, that, after this month, we are going to maintain some portion of the Whole30 diet. That doesn’t mean I won’t eat candy, cookies, ice cream, cake, excreta because there is no way I can not have those things for the rest of my life. But I think we will contain to pay attention to labels, try to avoid added sugars and limit the amount of “junk” we eat.

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    May 17, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    That’s awesome =)

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