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Whole 30 Diet – Coming to an End

So, the Whole 30 diet is coming to an end on Saturday May 30, which so happens to be the day Raven graduates from High School. And I think we did pretty darn good. We haven’t cheated and stuck to the program. I have lost a total of 13 pounds since starting it, though I don’t feel any better or worse than I did before, I am extremely happy to lose some weight.

The husband and I have discussed what we are going to do after the 30th and have decided to continue limiting the amount of sugar we consume (which means continuing to read labels to avoid unnecessary added sugar). I’m not going to give up sugar completely because I have one hell of a big sweet tooth, but I will stay away from sweets for the most part and only eat them once in a while. While we won’t give up dairy, pasta, bread, grains, beans and some of the other food groups we have stayed away from this past month, we will probably reduce the amount we intake.

Now if I can continue to lose weight before we go on vacation, I’ll be a happy camper.

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