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Making a Murderer

Making a MurdererMy husband and I started watching Making a Murderer the other day. And we only have 1 episode left. With him working 10 hour days, 5 (sometimes 6) days a week, it can be a bit hard finding time to watch all the things we want to watch together.


I know the documentary is rather one sided and I already read about all the information that the doc left out. And when I heard what he did to that poor cat (dosed it in oil and threw it in fire), I’m not going to lie, I wanted him to die a slow and horrible death. But how the county acted just pisses me off like you wouldn’t believe. I was shouting at the TV. How could people who we are suppose to trust, who’s job is to uphold and follow the law act in such a disrespectful and unlawful manner. It just boggles my mind.

At the moment, I think Brandon is probably innocent and I’m not sure whether or not Steve Avery killed Teresa Halbach. But that doesn’t really matter since I am 100-percent sure that the police planted evidence and because of that, he deserves another trial with that evidenced thrown out. And that is a complete shame since that poor young women’s death is overshadowed by the complete lack of justice and pure assholeness (that’s a word, trust me) that the police department showed.

If he did murder Teresa Halbach but is allowed to walk free because of the planted evidence and then he murders again, then every single law enforcement officer (or anyone else that had a hand in planting the evidence) should be held accountable for that new death.

Steven Avery’s new lawyer has taken to Twitter to not only vocalize his innocence but to also hint that they know who the real murderer is and will be working on getting Steven out of jail. I thought that Steven Avery’s brother-in-law, Scott Tadych, may have had something to do with it. That guy just rubbed me the wrong way and seemed rather suspicious. But I also think that Teresa Halbach’s ex-boyfriend or her roommate could also have had something to do with it. Their actions just seemed odd to me.

Have you watched Making a Murderer? Do you think Steve Avery is guilty?



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    February 24, 2016 at 8:42 pm

    Brendan Dassey’s conviction broke my heart. I look at him and I see my youngest brother, who is autistic and very much an introvert – and he too has a lower-than-average IQ, and struggles with even the most basic of social nuances.

    Like you, I’m on the fence about Steven’s innocence/guilt in the matter of Teresa Halbach, and I firmly believe that the police planted evidence. But I very firmly believe Brendan is innocent, and I hope he is released.

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