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No New Year’s Resolutions

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Instead of New Years resolutions, I’m making goals. Why goals and not resolutions? Well, almost every year I make a bunch of resolutions, which I stick to for a few weeks, and then abandon before Spring hits. Resolutions seem more of a “I will definitely get this accomplished this year”, while goals have a more relaxed and laid back type of vibe. And I like that.


The goals I have set for 2019 are obtainable ones that I’m pretty confident I can achieve this year. In the past, when I would make New Year’s resolutions, it would be something that was much more difficult to accomplish. While things like ‘lose 50 pounds’ is possible in a years time, it takes a great deal of dedication that I just don’t know if I can complete. So that’s why I have decided to set real, obtainable goals for this new year.

Improve my Sewing Skills

Towards the end of 2018, I finally got our sewing machine out and made myself learn how to properly use it. And with the help of some Youtube videos, I was able to make my first ever not-sewn-by-hand catnip kicker. I have also made a couple of plastic bag holders — which surprisingly turned out okay — and want to continue to improve on that ability. I would like to the point where I can sew a skirt, dress, or pajama pants with ease. I’m not sure if I can accomplish that in 2019, so I’m just setting out to improve my sewing skills no matter how little that improvement may be.

Get Out of the House More

And I don’t just mean to the grocery store. While I don’t want to set a larger goal of “traveling abroad”, I do want to go out and do more things, even if it’s just in the town next to me. I spend way too much time in the house. I work from home and relax at home, and while I do love being home (that’s where my kitties are after all) I also want to get out and explore, and do things that require leaving my house.

Ignite my Lost Passion for Photography

It wasn’t that long ago that I had a Nikon D90 and I would plan trips to local areas to snap some pictures. I loved photography, and was rather decent at it. And then, at the start of 2013, I had to get rid of my camera, and I just never got another one. But this past April my husband bought me a camera for my birthday. I was so happy to finally get a DSLR again, and then I just didn’t use it. I’m laying some of the blame on my phone because it’s just so much easier to grab the phone — which is almost always within reach — and snap some pictures then it is to get up, walk to where I keep my camera, take it out of it’s case, turn it on, get it set, blah, blah, blah. It feels like a chore. And this saddens me so because, at one point in my life, my camera and the act of shooting photos brought me so much joy. It gave me a reason to go outside, and it allowed the creative side of me come to out. I miss it and want to get that passion, or at least a small portion of that passion, back.

That’s it. Three goals. Three not-too-complicated goals that I have set for myself during this new.

What about you? Did you set goals or resolutions for the new year?

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