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The Future is Chickens

For the past several years, I have causally brought up the idea of having chickens, but I was the only one who thought it was a good idea. And while I could have gotten chickens anyway, I wanted the rest of the household, i.e. my husband, to get on board with the idea. And I am happy to say that he has finally started to warm up to the idea.

With that said, however, we’re not getting chickens just yet. I want to wait until next spring to give us time to research more and learn as much about them as possible. So we’re just in the planing stages at the moment. My husband is excited about creating the chicken coop, and making cool chicken gadgets, and I can’t wait to raise feathered dinosaurs. But we want to make sure that our future chickens will have an awesome coop and run that will keep them healthy, happy, and protected from predators.

So, what does this exactly mean?

Welp, it means I’ve been, and plan on continuing to, pin a shit ton of chicken-related things on Pinterest and trying to learn as much as I possibly can. But I am so excited!