The Daughter

Born just 11 days after my 17th birthday, Raven Jane was the surprise that I didn’t know I wanted until I had her. And while she has made me so furious at times that I saw red, I couldn’t and don’t want to ever imagine life without her. She’s a highly talented artist, otaku, gamer, cat lover, music lover and all around smart ass.

The Younger Years
When she was teeny tiny, she loved the Teletubbies (Po was her favorite), everything Disney, Bear in the Big Blue House, Sesame Street and The Muppets. As she got older she started to favor Hamtaro, Wallace and Gromit, My Little Pony, ‘N SYNC, My Littlest Pet Shop and Bratz. Once she started watching Pokemon, however, her love for Japan and its culture skyrocketed. She read and watched anything she could from Japan. It was at this time that she got heavily into anime and manga, and began learning how to read and write Japanese Kanji and Kana. She even learned a few words and phrases in Japan.

The Artist
As far back as I can remember, Raven was always drawing. On paper, boxes, whatever she could get a hold of and was allowed to draw on, she would. It wasn’t until she was 10 years old that, according to her, she started to seriously draw. She checked out art books from the library and used the internet to learn new techniques to hone her craft. Since those meager beginnings, Raven has only gotten better and better with time. Everyone is sure that she will have a successful career in the art field of her choice.

The Teenager
Raven has grown into a responsible, trustworthy and pretty darn great young lady. She stills loves Japan and its culture, and wants to (at the very least) travel there at some point in her life. While she is still a teenager at heart (which means bouts of mouthiness and know-it-allness), it’s nowhere near as bad as what most other parents have to deal with. We really lucked out with her. Despite the annoyingness that comes along with those teenager years, she’s still pretty darn awesome.

The Young Adult

Raven has grown into many things. She is a world-traveling artist and indie game developer who has embraced the minimalist lifestyle. She has recently traded the mountains of her hometown for the beach life of Florida. Go check out her travel/minimalist Youtube channel at Traveling Artist Crow, Eden Game Development on Facebook and give it a like.