Another One?

Yes, I have made another blog. Some might not see the need in it but there are just some things that I want to write about that I do not want on my business / photography blog. And I didn’t want to make certain post private so the only solution I could find was to start up a personal blog that I will keep separate from my business and away from certain people. A girl needs a place to vent and let out all her frustrations and worries. I keep most of the unhappy things to my self and away from people in the real world and it just sometimes feels like keeping all the unhappiness inside me, hidden away from everyone is slowly killing me, making me empty inside. I don”t want that to happen. I want to be happy, not just pretending to everyone that everything is ok and I don”t have a care in the world. That”s what this blog is here for. My own little therapeutic attempt to help me from going insane.

So please bare with me while I get all the kinks out of this template.

I also have merged the database from my old personal blog onto this one.

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